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Ten Tips to Get Through Your Day Even After a Bad Night's Sleep

In response to all the concerns listed on my recent sleep survey, here are my best tips to make it through the day in the best possible state even after getting a bad night’s sleep (and who hasn’t had this problem)? 

1.  Eat  very nutritiously, especially generous amounts of protein – they don’t call it “brain food” for nothing.

2.  Stay well hydrated – water, water, and more water.

3.  If you possibly can, take a “cat nap” of fifteen minutes to an hour to rest and recharge – a version of this can be meditating, which happens fundamentally in any number of ways, including listening to classical or New Age music, or a guided meditation/hypnosis audio.

4.  Take it easy if you possibly can; including don’t make complicated, critical decisions, etc.

5.  Try to avoid a lot of “junking out” on sweets, etc. – it will to quite an extent blow what’s left of your energy.

6.  Build yourself up – literally – by going for a stroll outside for at least a half hour – this helps ground and gently rebalance you.

7.  Discount disquieting thoughts as much as possible – not getting enough sleep throws you off balance, and your thoughts reflect this corresponding “dis-ease” just as an expression of related anxiety without real foundation.

8.  Cuddle with whoever – whatever you can “curl up" with – your partner, a child, an animal . . . and that includes the stuffed variety – to soothe yourself and “zone”.

9.  Make it a top priority to do everything within your power (and this is generally a lot greater than we think, especially when we feel compromised) to get a great, full, restful night’s sleep the very next night after this – and the night after that, which does go a long way to making up for what you and your body missed!

10. Tell yourself in a way you will unconditionally believe, “This too shall pass” – because guess what - it's true!

. . . and keep well-caring for yourself – you’re so worth it . . . and if not you, who will, then?  

Namaste, Marjorie


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Great post, will definitely be "bookmarking" this one! Thanks Margie!

Yolan E

Thanks for these 10 tips. There are times when i struggle to get through the day due to a poor nights sleep. I fight to keep my eyes open at times. I'll be sure to implement some of these tips next time. THanks for sharing!


Good tips. Only problem with staying hydrated is it gets you up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

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