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My Free Audio Gift to You

This is a Key Year to Activate Your Dreams

This much-touted year, 2012 is nearly done with its first quarter.  How is it going for you?
How do you wish it were going?  In my work these days so many clients ask for help in how to deal with multiple and complicated life changes as the world struggles with its own mounting crises.  Personal dreams can even more fall by the way side, and we all correspondingly suffer in many known and not fully known ways.  
Download, Listen and Journal for Best Results
I want to gift you with a special ten minute guided meditation and self-hypnosis audio I’ve created that you can download here to Manifest Your Intuition 2012.  I encourage you, after you listen, to journal about your experience.  Take whatever insights come forth seriously as your best guidance to form a “win-win” game plan for successful healing and transformation this year.
I appreciate your comments at the end of this article about how it all goes.  All the best to you, and to all who rely on your healing and transformation to support the greater good, especially  in these truly challenging times . . . In love and light, Marjorie   


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Thank You for that beautiful meditatiion. It left me feeling invigorated. I find i have to constantly let go of negative thoughts about myself that I seem to accumulate as I go about my day. Thanks for reminding me of the power to choose and helping find my inner beauty.

Marjorie Baker Price

So glad you're enjoying it, Kelli - all the best! Love and light, Marjorie

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